FirsTrust Bank, 107 Coulter Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003

FirsTrust Bank

107 Coulter Ave | Ardmore, PA 19003

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Official Bank of the Philadelphia Eagles

Since our beginning more than 85 years ago, Firstrust has been committed to serving the financial needs of the greater Philadelphia region. Our mission is simple – to cultivate prosperity for our customers and the communities we serve. And we do this by listening to our customers, personalizing solutions for their needs and developing long term relationships with them, often lasting for generations.

From large operating companies, real estate developers and manufacturers to local physicians and contractors – Firstrust is honored to have helped thousands of businesses achieve success in the very region we call home.

Our Beginning

In 1934, Samuel A. Green opened the doors of the first branch in South Philly, at the height of the Great Depression, under the name First Federal Savings and Loan of Philadelphia. Now a full-service commercial bank, Firstrust serves business owners and entrepreneurs throughout eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware.

Our History

A Classic Philadelphia Success Story

The history of Firstrust and the Green family is a classic American and Philadelphia success story. Samuel A. Green, one of eight children, was born and raised in a small Hungarian farming town, where his father was the village cobbler. Sam joined his family in Philadelphia in 1905, putting down roots and quickly becoming involved in the local community.

Sam’s experiences during the Great Depression helped him develop a strong sense of survival and resiliency and a flexible and analytical mind. In these times, commercial banks would not extend mortgages easily, making it virtually impossible for ordinary Philadelphians to own a home. Recognizing the opportunity to support the needs of the community, Sam decided to start a savings and loan. He was able to raise the $7,000 needed to acquire the necessary federal charter from neighbors and his own savings.