Ruff House Dog center, 1802 Karakung Dr, Ardmore, PA 19003

Ruff House Dog center

1802 Karakung Dr | Ardmore, PA 19003

  • 484-416-0424


Built on the foundational love of the pack and the joyful companionship dogs bring to our lives, The Ruff House Dog Center is a full service Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding, and Dog Training facility meant to provide your dog the humanistic, supervised, and enriching care and experiences they so deserve!

Located in beautiful Ardmore, PA, The Ruff House Dog Center’s home-like, comfortable atmosphere will instantly become your pup’s favorite daily vacation destination! Our all inclusive services allow you to remain human and take care of what you need while our trusted staff handle the rest! With over 40 years worth of dog-handling and kennel experience in-house, our team has the knowledge and insight to take handle breeds of all sizes, shapes, and temperament without the condescension. Whether its a quick pop-in for daycare or a month long summertime stay, we have the accommodations and expertise to make sure our packs needs are met.

The Ruff House also acts a knowledge repository and meeting location for some of the brightest minds in dog care! We work together with loca trainers, vets, rescues, and more to provide our community with the information and individuals they may need to provide their dogs the best life they can lead. From fun events, informational seminars, specialized training, room rentals, and more, we love progression! If you have dog questions, our network is deep and we love to help!

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