Ardmore Named A Best Place To Live In Philly By Business Insider

Despite being outside of Philadelphia’s city limits, Ardmore has been named one of the best places to live in Philadelphia in a new list from Business Insider.

Business Insider listed the five best places to live in Philadelphia and Ardmore clocked in at No. 5.

Here’s a clip of what Business Insider says about Ardmore:

Ardmore is technically in the suburbs, but like if the suburbs went on a year abroad and came back with cooler taste in music and clothes and had a sudden penchant for exotic food and drink.

Ardmore’s music, food, shopping, and bar scene make it good enough to be on the best places to live in Philly list, according to Business Insider.

Fairmount topped the list of best place to live in the city, followed by Manayunk, Fishtown, Old City, then Ardmore.