Santa Arrives in Ardmore

Amid sirens and fanfare, Santa arrived in Ardmore aboard Merion Fire Company of Ardmore’s Ladder 25 on a rainy Friday this year, the 25th of November, to light the town Christmas tree and usher in the spirit of Christmas.

An estimated 75 families braved the chilly drops at Schauffele Plaza in the center of town so the kids could get their chance to tell Saint Nick how good they were this year and whisper their wish lists to him for Christmas day. Carollers greeted the happy crowd with rotating renditions of everyone’s favorite Christmas songs, and stayed until every child had their chance to sit on Santa’s lap.

Thanks to the kind hearts at Jack McShea’s Restaurant, plenty of hot chocolate and cookies were on hand to warm the souls and hands of all. In the true spirit of Christmas, Santa treated the crowd to a display of some fancy footwork as he danced in the rain beneath an umbrella. Gene Kelly would be proud.

Santa’s Visit and the Ardmore Tree Lighting is sponsored by the Ardmore Business Assocation, and has been a holiday tradition in town for decades. Good cheer to all, and to all a good night!