Harry’s Treasures and Collectibles

Harry has your treasure and it’s in the heart of Ardmore!

For over 25 years, Harry Althouse has owned his store, Harry’s Treasures & Collectibles, formerly located on  E. Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore and the store is a treasure itself. It is an old world escape from modern times where you can always find vintage items and memories from the past.

With charming cast iron planters sitting on the sidewalk and price negotiable vintage items inside, you are bound to find something you love, including Harry himself! Harry lives a very ‘old world’ lifestyle, does not own a computer and relies on personal relationships to build his business. When you pay him a visit please be sure to tell him you saw the article on the internet, as he may never see it!

Harry spent 10 years active duty in the Navy and started collecting his treasures in 1972. Now, 49 years later antique collectors come to Harry to see what’s new in the world of antiques! He used to go to estate sales, shows, and antique markets, and now he gets the calls from estate wholesalers for him to come and buy before public sales even begin.