King’s Collar Shirtmakers

There are gems in Ardmore and then there is Nancy Gold, a diamond! Nancy, a past president of the ABA and Ardmore’s biggest cheerleader, is not only a talented shirtmaker but also an author, activist, and entrepreneur. At a spry 77 years old even I, some twenty years her junior, found it hard to keep up.

Nancy is a nationally recognized Custom Shirt Designer, and in 1978 became the nation’s first woman to enter the field as both a shirtmaker and pattern maker. She proudly offers American-made products and is by appointment only. In today’s world of Apps and websites offering custom shirts, there is no comparison with The King’s Collar and their forty years of experience.

While not a fan of the untucked shirt, this does not stop Nancy from designing the perfect length and look of your shirt tail. Long neck, long arms, tall, short, athlete? Not a problem! Cashmere, linen, cotton, pearl buttons, and monograms are offered and collars, cuffs and sleeves are cut to the ¼”. One can even have a wider cuff for a watch or an extra front button for the longer tail length needed for tall guys. From start to finish it takes the King’s Collar four to five weeks for a finished order and there is a four-shirt minimum. Gift Certificates for Father’s Day are now available and you will save $50.00 on a two-shirt cutting fee during construction in Ardmore.

Nancy Gold is the last “man” standing in local custom shirts as other colleagues have closed or retired. Don’t miss the chance for a casual, business, or formal custom shirt that will leave you feeling like a king! Nestled in her comfortable studio, you will get one on one attention and the best shirts you will ever own.

By Appointment Only at One West Athens Avenue in Ardmore, call Nancy at 610-642-9910.

Nancy’s book SHIRT TALES, The Stories Behind a Successful Start-up is available for purchase at the King’s Collar Studio and the Ardmore Initiative. A second book Love Never Comes Late will be available in July and addresses the issues of divorce, abandonment and alcoholism, as seen through the eyes of a child. A must-read for children and adults who have faced these life-changing issues, and the grace and forgiveness needed to heal.