World Wide Stereo

World Wide Stereo, family owned and ready to celebrate its 40th anniversary, has one mission: to bring the world’s finest consumer electronics together in one place and improve the quality of their customer’s lives. Ever since their opening, they have outlasted regional and national competitors while also surviving three recessions. How you ask? Simple—hire staff who love what they do and can explain and demo the equipment. From there, also bring in superior installation experts and schooled designers. Competitive pricing and customer service are a must.

Entering World Wide Stereo is a treat, an event, an experience for all your senses. Look around and you’ll find televisions, speakers and stereo equipment, headphones and portable speakers, turntables, smart home lighting and motorized window treatments, media furniture, home Wi-Fi networks, surveillance equipment, and more! Want to hang a television in your living room but have it look like a piece of art? No problem. Want to protect your child’s ears at concerts? No problem. They will even install a television in your shower! World Wide Stereo has multiple rooms focusing on every need including outdoor spaces, home theater, kitchen, bedroom, and living spaces. You’ll also find a variety of headphones, TVs, and media furniture around the store for your pleasure. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff are always happy to demonstrate. You will not leave World Wide Stereo unhappy!

World Wide Stereo has a solution for everyone and in any budget. If you have a small space, they can install speakers and a subwoofer inside the wall and hang an almost paper-thin 4K LG Wallpaper television. Need headphones? Want your own home theater? Look no further and learn all about projectors (how else does one get a 100” television anyway?). Sit in the showroom theater for a demonstration and you’ll forget where you are until they open the window coverings and you look out on the parking lot. The projector screen feels like a movie studio and the surround sound is impeccable! For anything you need, World Wide Stereo carries a variety of equipment and brands including McIntosh, Sony, Yamaha, and JBL, Polk Audio, Sonos, Dynaudio, and more. The experts at World Wide Stereo will help you find the best product for your needs.

World Wide Stereo has two locations Ardmore and Montgomeryville. Family owned and operated for 40 years, competitive pricing, superior customer service, and an e-commerce site makes World Wide Stereo top in their field. No need for a big box store as we have our own independent electronic store right here in Ardmore—after all Ardmore is known for mom and pop stores! Visit the showroom anytime or shop online at